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Hey there!  I'm the brains and heart behind SOCL LUXE Marketing. Believe it or not, my marketing journey started way back when I was just a tiny human dreaming of being a dentist. Yep, I even whipped up my own business cards, threw together some wild flyers, and mapped out where I'd casually "drop" them. Future office layout? Check! I was a pint-sized marketing maven in the making.

Fast forward to 2015 when I dipped my toes into campaigns for Facebook and the U.S. Department of State. Guess what? The Governor of Arkansas and the coolest president ever, Barack Obama, gave my team a shout-out at the White House.

That magical moment sparked the idea for my own marketing gig. So, in 2015, I kicked off my own show, helping small businesses blossom and thrive. Flash forward to today – armed with an MBA and working with companies across the globe, I've set up camp in the vibrant city of Dallas, TX, alongside my awesome husband and our dog.

Enough about me – let's dive into your dreams and goals! I'm here to lighten your load and sprinkle some strategic magic to supercharge your business. Ready when you are!

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